Question: Is Advanced Fence just a Chicago Fence Contractor servicing the city of Chicago?
Answer: No, we serve as a fence contractor in various surrounding suburbs of Chicago. To see what areas we provide fence installations, fence estimates or fence repairs, see our service areas.

Question: Do I have to stain my new cedar fence?
Answer: Staining or sealing your fence protects it from the damage of the sun and moisture. If you choose not to stain the wood fence it will weather to a silvery gray. You should wait four to eight weeks after initial installation before applying a stain. Manufacturers recommend that the wood fence reach 15% moisture which can take 30 days of 50 degree temps. The longer you wait to stain or seal the wood fence the better it will take to the wood. Sealers should be applied about every 3 years and stains will need to be applied once every 5 years.

Question: Is a building permit required to install a new fence?
Answer: A building permit is required in most City’s and municipalities we service. Permit fees range in price depending on which Village or City you live in. The required documents needed to obtain a permit are a copy of your Plat of survey, a copy of the fence contract, and a completed building permit application.

Question: Are there different grades of cedar fence materials?
Answer: Cedar fence boards come in different types and grades. The most common grades of western red cedar used in this region are #2 or better, #1 2-face, and #1 clear. White cedar boards are also available as an alternative to red cedar. You should always make sure you are comparing the same grade material in your estimates when selecting your fence contractor or fence company.

Question: Why are my posts and boards splitting on my cedar fence?
Answer: This is a process known as “checking”. Checking occurs as wood releases moisture across or through the annual growth rings and it does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. If you experience splitting on your fence this is a natural process and will not affect the integrity of your cedar fence.